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The CMMI describes the principles and practices underlying software process maturity and is intended to help software organizations improve

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CMMI Certification

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CMMI Certification 

The CMMI Certification describes the principles and practices underlying software process maturity and is intended to help software organizations improve the maturity of their software processes in terms of an evolutionary path from ad hoc, chaotic processes to mature, disciplined software processes. CMMI Certification is organized into five maturity levels. A maturity level is a well – defined evolutionary plateau toward achieving a mature software process. Each maturity level provides a layer in the foundation for continuous process improvement.

CMMI Certification of appraisal results involves periodic follow-up after appraisals and accepting legal responsibility for the performance of appraised organizations, and prescribing a shelf life for appraisal results. These characteristics are required for a program that provides certification of appraisal results.

CMMI Certification supports only one of these requirements: appraisal results expire after a period of three years. The CMMI Institute urges customers to request a copy of an Appraisal Disclosure Statement (ADS) when evaluating suppliers. The ADS documents the achieved maturity level or capability level profile and documents which parts of the organization were appraised.

Maturity levels for services

The process areas below and their maturity levels are listed for the CMMI for services model:

CMMI Certification Maturity Level 2 – Managed

  • CM – Configuration Management
  • MA – Measurement and Analysis
  • PPQA – Process and Quality Assurance
  • REQM – Requirements Management
  • SAM – Supplier Agreement Management
  • SD – Service Delivery
  • WMC – Work Monitoring and Control
  • WP – Work Planning

Maturity Level 3 – Defined

  • CAM – Capacity and Availability Management
  • DAR – Decision Analysis and Resolution
  • IRP – Incident Resolution and Prevention
  • IWM – Integrated Work Management
  • OPD – Organizational Process Definition
  • OPF – Organizational Process Focus…
  • OT – Organizational Training
  • RSKM – Risk Management
  • SCON – Service Continuity
  • SSD – Service System Development
  • SST – Service System Transition
  • STSM – Strategic Service Management

Maturity Level 4 – Quantitatively Managed

  • OPP – Organizational Process Performance
  • QWM – Quantitative Work Management

Maturity Level 5 – Optimizing

  • CAR – Causal Analysis and Resolution.
  • OPM – Organizational Performance Management.


Institutionalize a Managed Process

  • Establish an Organizational Policy
  • Plan the Process
  • Provide Resources
  • Assign Responsibility
  • Train People
  • Manage Configurations
  • Identify and Involve Relevant Stakeholders
  • Monitor and Control the Process
  • Objectively Evaluate Adherence
  • Review Status with Higher Level Management

Quantitatively Managed Process / Optimizing Process

  • Institutionalize a Quantitatively Managed Process
  • Establish Quantitative Objectives for the Process
  • Stabilise Subprocess Performance
  • Institutionalise an Optimizing Process
  • Ensure Continuous Process Improvement
  • Correct Root Causes of Problems

Qualitative Results

  • A reduction in re-work and re-planning
  •  Increased efficiency tied to consistency across business units
  •  Improved program insight, control, and tracking
  • Fewer training hours and streamlined knowledge transfer to new workers
  • Better product quality fueled by a lower number of defects
  • Higher customer satisfaction

The company has seen improved efficiency, speed, and quality in software development projects.
We have improved by increasing efficiency, becoming faster. We increased the speed of the development of the organization.

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CMMI Certification

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